Mobile internet use, and what it means to your Company

by admin on February 2, 2011

50% of the world’s population are now under the age of 30, and forecasts abound that the next 3 BILLION consumers who access the Internet will do so from a mobile device.

These are significant numbers, however one plays around with statistics, and this is likely to mean that some of these will be visiting your site using a mobile device.

If your site isn’t user friendly to a mobile, or it’s hard work to navigate and read content – THEY LEAVE.

So, all that hard work you’ve put in to integrate your website with modern browsers comes to naught when confronted with a Smartphone.

Here are some simple ways to quickly improve your website for mobile experience.

If you’re using WordPress, there are some very easy to instal plugins around, and this article also provides some useful pointers on basic design and content which should help too.

One thing is for certain in this increasingly important world of mobile Internet access – if you do nothing to enhance visitor experience when they try and access your website from a mobile device, they’ll be off.

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